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[solved] impossible to find the translation field "Out-of-Stock"


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Hello eveybody

i am presently working on ps1.7.6 and i am facing 2 issues i can't solve :


i have few items unavailable for the moment that i want to keep visible by customers

the thing is that in addiction to the non-clickable "add to cart" button it necessary needs a text informing that the product is not in stock

for the moment it's like this


i'd like to change this 'out-of-stock' text and i can't succeed in finding it in International > Translations > Theme

could you please tell me where to find this field ?

Moreover, weird thing, on my french language, there is no message at all !

do you know if i could fulfill a message somewhere ?


concerning price, i have 'tax included'  [ and TTC in french] below the price and once again i can't find where to erase it.


i tried to put blank field in International > Translations > Theme, but nothing changed...

if anyone could give me a clue

thanks a lot in advance

keep safe

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change ps_ to your table prefix

change id_lang = 1 to your id lang


1 (A). out-of-stock



UPDATE ps_configuration SET value = 'my new stock text' WHERE value = 'Out-of-Stock' AND id_lang = 1;

or database:

SELECT * FROM ps_configuration WHERE value = 'Out-of-Stock';


1 (B). database table ps_product:

UPDATE ps_product_lang SET delivery_out_stock = 'my new stock text' WHERE id_lang = 1;



2. ./themes/your theme/templates/catalog/_partials/product-prices.tpl

<!-- {if !$configuration.taxes_enabled}
        {l s='No tax' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}
      {elseif $configuration.display_taxes_label}
      {/if} -->


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