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Incorrect product filter display from front

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Goodmorning everyone,

I am new to the forum and I state that I am not an expert.

I use Prestashop version The site to which I refer is dbcosmetica.it. The theme I use instead is Eveprest - Multipurpose Shop available at this link https://addons.prestashop.com/it/temi-moda-calzature/26102-eveprest-multipurpose-shop.html

I'm having a very strange error, from the front the filters are displayed incorrectly. I have set up the search form for aspects in which I have flagged only the most suitable features for me.359770941_Schermata2020-03-29alle13_56_32.png.fa360174545c16555cbbd86f8f2036b1.thumb.png.1b51e3d8da849d01862df65c5a4fa819.png740709643_Schermata2020-03-29alle13_57_12.png.6d361418e8852f0b1c0679b4ed98c43b.thumb.png.4b5f6945be2873323de402bbe32f3405.png


From front, however, they appear like this:


While on the purchased theme the filters are displayed like this:


As you can see on my site the title of the filters is duplicated and only by clicking on the second are the characteristics displayed.

In addition on the theme, at the top right, there is the Show option, I can't understand how to set it.

I suppose the problem is on the theme because by changing it to the classic one the filters return to work.
I tried to modify the search_filters class but to no avail.
By doing a search I noticed that it is also called in the theme.js file but unfortunately I don't know how to modify it.
I'll post it here in case anyone knew how to change it.

If you need more information just ask ... I don't know how to do it anymore!

thanks a lot


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