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Require email to access checkout

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Hello all!


I'm a developer that never messed with the PrestaShop plataform but I've received a task from a greater force (namely my father) to make a few changes to his website. We would ask the original developer that set everything up, but the dude got a new job and don't have the time to do this as a free lance.


The change my father asked for is to have the user input their email in order to see their checkout, that is, before accessing what is in the cart the user has to type in their email. The end result should be that even if a person doesn't finish a purchase, he can offer the client a discount or something.



I would like to know if that is possible and where do I access the developer side of the plataform, I work with web development and had a very brief experience with the Shopify plataform and there was a place where I could edit my pages and edit their code, but I've searched everywhere on the PrestaShop dashboard (superadmin) and haven't found a similar place to edit my pages.


If there is an existing module that does what I'm talking about I'm cool with it too.


Thank you for helping a newbie out!

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