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Features VS Attributes


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Hi, I see that this has been answered a lot.

But, I sell computer hardware etc.

So, I see them as having both features and attributes.

Question. I have been using attributes, and when i add them for "Video Cards"  and other items, it sets the stock to Zero/0. So, should i be using features instead for all my computer related Items i sell????

and could you clarify which i should be using please as all my products are manufactured and are individual with differing specs

many thanks

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1 hour ago, Knowband Plugins said:

Features are different thing. Features can't be used w.r.t quantity.

So as per our understanding, you have 2 options if yon want to manage the quantity as well. 

1. Using the attribute 
2. Group product i.e. Add Video card as a separate product & then create the Group Product (Pack Product)

so i sell to end users, they usually purchase 1 item or but items to create a Computer, so i generally wont be selling 10x graphics cards. nice if i do, but usually x1.


1 hour ago, Knowband Plugins said:

Features can't be used w.r.t quantity.

what does this mean above.

I want to make my users get a better shopping experience, they choose graphics cards, then filter down to get to the product they require either by price or by specification.

i dont want to manage quantity, i have a management app i use to import all my suppliers feeds, then i export to prestashop.csv format and then i import that to add new products and to update older items, stock level etc.

so, saying that should i just use features then?????

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