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SOLVED Payment modules not showing on paymentOptions hook and customized default teme

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In this boring days and to improve my Prestashop development knowledge I've done the following in a personal project:

  1. I have VPS with a preinstalled Prestashop where I introduced all my products and made some sales, so i need to mantain database. It doesn't include _dev folder so is so hard to customize default theme deeply given css and js are compiled.
  2. I've downloaded Prestashop repository to my machine, check out to branch given is the same of the repository(later i'll upgrade to the last) and configured with apache to use it locally.
  3. I've  downloaded a copy of the production database and I edited to work locally (disable SSL and changed server name to localhost) and started development.
  4. I've copied all extra installed modules from remote to my local given they are already installed so I have configured as in production.
  5. I've customized my theme on my way.
  6. I replaced preinstalled Prestashop with my custom git copy and my theme was customized but payment methods are not showing neither locally but database configuration is the same. I just can make show one of them reinstalling it.

My question is: I missing any physical file with module positions configuration in hooks given the database is an exactly copy and the theme is exactly the same with same version?



Thanks a lot!

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Not sure what was caused by, but if could help someone after spending an entire day I disabled debug mode and reseted all caches(done before) and now magically works.


Thanks anyway u all anyway ;)

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