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[SOLVED] Smarty Force Compile On, Cache Off. Bankwire modification not showing. Matrice Theme


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Wonder if anyone has this problem.

Smarty Force Compile -> Yes
Smarty Cache -> No
Caching -> No

Regarding Bankwire
When I edit payment_execution.tpl. The modification does not show.

When I edit paypal payment_return.tpl. The modification is shown upon refresh.

So I deleted payment.tpl and payment_execution.tpl, did a refresh and what do you know...
The screen still shows true and correct at both pages.

When I deleted confirm.tpl for paypal. The error shows No template found for module paypal
Which is expected.
When i deleted payment/payment.tpl, the error shows no template found for module paypal, above bankwire (which is also deleted).

I am not to sure where to go from this. I have deleted tools/smarty/compile and disabled the relevant settings. The weirdest thing is other modules are re-compiling true but not bankwire. Advice?

O yes, I forgot to add that I am using Matrice Theme.
And I have uninstalled and reinstalled Bankwire

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