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How to display table in custom controller in ps 1.7?

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I want to develop a simple module in which I've created few tables and configuration page. Now I want to display the data from these tables along with some default PS tables like customer etc. So how can I do that. 

I'm new to prestashop and tried many solutions and table is displaying but no proper layout. So please share one complete example.


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If I understood correctly, you need to just show some variables from db?

In your controller/module/some php file:

public static function getAddressCustom($id_customer){
$result = Db::getInstance()->getRow('
            SELECT *
            FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'address` sample
            WHERE sample.`id_customer` = '.(int)$id_customer

Before to send the variables to the smarty, I recommend you to make all manipulations in php file, and after sent the proper data.Assign variable to the .tpl file, where 'customer_current_address' is your variable name in smarty

$this->context->smarty->assign('customer_current_address', $result);

P.S. check SQL queries here


 You have power of "$this", for example :

//get customer cart id
//or changing delivery option to some custom id (dont run it like this)
$this->context->cart->setDeliveryOption(array($this->context->cart->id_address_delivery => $delivery_option));


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Thank you for your comment but our file is located under modules/test/controllers/admin/some.php. So,

1. Is the path correct?

2. We are able to get the data but main issue is while trying to display this data using table, it is not displaying in proper format. No bootstrap, css is applied. So please share one example for this.


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