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Prestashop Checkout Cannot Link To PayPal Account


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I installed the checkout for prestashop created an account and then i tried to link paypal. The popup is opening and i can login with my Paypal credentials. I picked the option Use existing business account (Accept Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments) and filled out all the information. It keeps looping on the following 2 pages: what type of business do you have and Tell us about your beneficial owners.


Any experiences, any help?

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I am having some what similar issue, so the module connects with my PayPal account but i keep getting an alert saying: 



Background check is currently undergoing

It can take several days. If further information is needed, you will be notified. Please check your emails or your notification bell on the top right of your www.paypal.com account and follow the instructions. You can process up to $500 in card transactions until your account is fully approved.


I contacted PayPal to see if i can speed up the process but they said that my account is already verified and i do not need be verified.

I am worried that once I reach my $500 limit all payments will get declined.

can someone help please 

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