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PRESTASHOP 1.7 Customization ID not added to tables for back office orders


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Hi I have been using Prestashop 1,6 for some years as an entry system for a music festival. All the products contain customization fields such as performer's age, performers name plus other info.  I extract the data from the Prestashop database using mysql queries and all has worked great. However I have now migrated to Presashop and the mysql queries to extract the customization data now fail for back office orders. Looking at the issue it turns out that if an order is created by the back office the id_customization is not written into  table ps_order_detail or rather the value is 0. If the order is created by the front office the id_customization is written correctly and can be directly linked to the ps_customized_data. 

The result of this is that when orders are created by the back office I cant extract the customized data.

My question is this a bug or is it intended to work this way? 

Secondly is there a workaround that I could use to extract the customized data for all orders? 

The screen shot shows the issue, id_order 1269 is a front office order with the correct Id_customization.

id_order 1268 is a back office order of the same product and the id_customization is set to 0. customization_id.thumb.jpg.479cc873b6e4813f527f8f2ea63fb7a9.jpg


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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