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wenn ich bei meinem Template eine Suchbegriff eingebe ehalte ich im Grid Look 3 Produkte nebeneinander.

Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen, wie / wo ich 4 Produkte in einer Reihe einstellen kann?

Hier wäre der link zu meinem Shop und der Ansicht:



Ich habe diesen Post gefunden, komme damit aber nicht zurecht:


Prestashop 1.7

In Prestashop 1.7 as well as in its previous version 1.6 there are 3 product columns for category page and 4 columns for homepage. But there are some differences in implementation. In Prestashop 1.6 bootstrap classes are used (which is described above in details), while in Prestashop 1.7 everything is done with CSS styles. Moreover, in Prestashop 1.7 “display: flex” is applied to create a grid for product list block, and the block width is specified for the product list. Since the width of container block (or product list block), as well as the width of product block, has specified value, the number of products in a row depends on the container block (3 for category page and 4 for homepage). Default width of product list block is 257 pixels (and this is for category page as well as homepage). In order to change the number of products in a row, we should alter the product block width.

As an example, let’s try to carry out it on the category page (for homepage and other pages where there’s a product list, it will be the same). We’re going to create not 3, but 4 products in a row.

In the style file (make sure the file is attached after the file “/themes/classic/assets/css/theme.css”) we should specify the width of product block (according to the container width it will be 188 pixels).

"#products .thumbnail-container {width: 188px;}"

"#products .thumbnail-container {width: 188px;}"

But it’s not enough for us. Since we’ve changed the block width, we’ll have to change the style of the elements placed within the block.

"#products .highlighted-informations {width: 188px;}" "#products img{width: 100%; margin: 0;}" "#products .product-description {width: 188px;}"

"#products .highlighted-informations {width: 188px;}"

"#products img{width: 100%; margin: 0;}"

"#products .product-description {width: 188px;}"



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