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Best PrestaShop API reference


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Where do we find decent and up-to-date API documentation for PrestaShop 1.3.x and 1.4.x?

Figuring things out the hard way works, of course, but it's very time consuming. And modifying the ps_order_history table, for example, externally isn't necessarily "good practice". What we would like to do is to use the API or PS' internal code to do modifications, if possible.

This isn't for an interactive plugin to PS; this is for doing PrestaShop database I/O for external applications, such as order tracking bridges to other systems, etc.

(Yes, I did search the forum, but perhaps I missed the obvious)


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Well, you are just out of luck. The PS Team thinks it is more important to keep adding stupid features and writing modules to sell that they forgot that documentation is a very necessary thing for their product. Now, I don't know if there is any FRENCH documentation but it is possible.
I do recall seeing a link to a French language developer's guide. See how to get it here:

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Thanks. Well, that's a shame if that is the case. A solid group of well-informed developers is a pretty good way to push your way through the rather high noise level of "open source applications". But I guess, as you point out, there may be a difference in priorities.

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