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Błąd podczas wysyłania zamówienia z wiadomością



Gdy złożę zamówienie i wpiszę wiadomość do zamówienia dostaję błąd 500:
Co można z tym zrobić?



(1/1) ClassNotFoundException

Attempted to load class "EM1Main" from the global namespace.
Did you forget a "use" statement?

in bridgeconnector.php line 732

at Bridgeconnector->sendCustomerThreadNewMessage(array('object' => object(CustomerMessage), 'cookie' => object(Cookie), 'cart' => object(Cart), 'altern' => 2))in bridgeconnector.php line 601

at Bridgeconnector->hookActionObjectCustomerMessageAddAfter(array('object' => object(CustomerMessage), 'cookie' => object(Cookie), 'cart' => object(Cart), 'altern' => 2))in Hook.php line 970

at HookCore::coreCallHook(object(Bridgeconnector), 'hookactionObjectCustomerMessageAddAfter', array('object' => object(CustomerMessage), 'cookie' => object(Cookie), 'cart' => object(Cart), 'altern' => 2))in Hook.php line 355

at HookCore::callHookOn(object(Bridgeconnector), 'actionObjectCustomerMessageAddAfter', array('object' => object(CustomerMessage), 'cookie' => object(Cookie), 'cart' => object(Cart), 'altern' => 2))in Hook.php line 907

at HookCore::exec('actionObjectCustomerMessageAddAfter', array('object' => object(CustomerMessage), 'cookie' => object(Cookie), 'cart' => object(Cart), 'altern' => 2))in ObjectModel.php line 610

at ObjectModelCore->add()in PaymentModule.php line 517

at PaymentModuleCore->validateOrder(22, '10', 204.0, 'Płatności elektroniczne', null, array('{bankwire_owner}' => 'Black Box', '{bankwire_details}' => '96 1140 2004 0000 3002 7910 3719', '{bankwire_address}' => 'mBank'), 1, false, '5e27462b52a35b538ec525ce87789407')in validation.php line 64

at Ps_WirepaymentValidationModuleFrontController->postProcess()in Controller.php line 281

at ControllerCore->run()in Dispatcher.php line 515

at DispatcherCore->dispatch()in index.php line 28


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