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Presta will not generate product with attributes


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I am trying to add contact lenses with astigmatism in my store. There is a lot of combinations, because power can be from +8,00 to -10,00, then astigmatism can be -0,75, -1,25, -1,75 or -2,25 and also axis can be from 10 to 180. Presta shop will not handle it. Won't generate, won't save, nothing. When I close the product and I am trying to open again there is an error. 

[500] HTTP ERROR 500


[503] Service Temporarily Unavailable. Try again later.

I have tried to contact with our service team, but they said, there is nothing wrong with the website. So where is the problem? Does PrestaShop have the limit of combinations for one product? I tried to separate contact lenses for + power and - power, but that does not change anything. Is there an addition/plug anything I can pay for, dowlnoad and add every combinations that I want? What can I do? Please help.

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