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How to develop module that adds an additional field on product

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Hi Folks,

Last hours I searched internet for tutorials or documentations on how to develop modules for PrestaShop.
I am running a PrestaShop and I try to understand how everything works.
I understand how to change existing pages,... But I try to do changements with a own module.

My idea to learn how it works is, to just add an simple field on back admin for products to set an value of 0-100 on a newly added database field.
I managed to set up the module and to modify the database

Db::getInstance()->Execute('ALTER TABLE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product`  ADD `v_expiry` SMALLINT(3) NOT NULL AFTER `upc`');

But I wasn't able to understand how to add a new input field to the product administration page (options, where EAN,... are set)
I think it is on hook: hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra, right?

But how to add that field now? And how can I trigger that value in that field gets saved in database?


Does anyone have a link to a fitting Tutorial?
Or can explain it to me?

I'm sure that there will be an answer in world wide web - but I think I was to stupid to find it - sorry...




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Well, problem solved.

Meanwhile I've found this tutorial:

The script isn't realy working, but it helped me understanding how it works.

In addition with this list:
Needed hooks can be found...

At moment just strugling with showing content on displayProductExtraContent  (nothing appears).
But I will solve that 😉

EDIT: Well, also this problem solved. Just reseting Module dosn't update hooks on front end. Needed to deinstall and newly install it...

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solved (see edit history)

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