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specific courier and specific payment

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I installed version 1.4.

Would it be possible to assign a specific courier to a certain category of products?
Would it be possible to assign specific method of payment for this courier?

We sell office products (like paper and pen) and office furniture (like lockers and desks).

Office products is shipped by express courier and can also be paid on delivery.
Office furniture is shipped by courier Economic and can not be paid on delivery.

thanks for the support, including a fee if necessary.


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Anyone know an answer to this one ?


I have a similar problem:


I have 3 'carriers':

1. collect (€ 0,00)

2. standard Taxipost Shipping (€ 9,99)

4. cod shipping (€ 14,99)


I have 3 payment methods:

1. payment by wire transfer

2. payment by credit card/paypal

3. cod payment


I want to be able to associate carriers with payments. For example, if they choose the cod carrier, they should only be able to select cod payment.


I hope there's a solution for this.

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The same problem with me. I can give free shipping if the costumer choose paypal or bank transfer. But if they choose COD, I should charge an extra price. The problem is that they choose the free shipping and the COD. I need to assign COD with a fixed amount.


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hey Elena.


it has been a loooong time since you started this thread and i don't know if you solved the issue but at least in your case, since furniture weighs a LOT more than office supplies, perhaps you can use the...


Maximium package height:

Maximium package width:

Maximium package depth:

Maximium package weight:


... limitations for each carrier to do what you need to do.




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