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Migration to new server, can't access back office now


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So being a total prestanoob I thought I could just migrate to a new server by making a copy of cpanel and pointing my name servers. It almost worked. My website front end all works great, but I can't access my back office at all. I'm sure if I would have done some basic reading and followed some essential guidelines I would have done it differently. Alas, I didn't. I'm just hoping that someone can give me some solid advice to help me get bo access again. 

I tried exporting the database from the old server and uploading to the new one, but I feel like I'm missing something because I'm getting errors on the upload and its halting the process. I also don't have the same file structure on the new server bc I didn't think about that being a big deal in the migration. Turns out that is a big deal, so I wonder if that's why I'm getting errors.  

Anyone know a way to solve this quickly? 

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When I try to login to the back office the login page says "This Page Isn't Working... Unable to handle this request... HTTP Error 500"

I'm pretty sure I didn't migrate the back office correctly. I know very little about php admin and I was reading that you have to export your old php database and import it to the new server... That's where I'm getting stuck. My old database was on a server that had a different root domain. I think thats where I f'd up. 

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Finally could solve it! I explain in case I can help someone.
I had a similar error after cloning my local prestashop to a hosting. I could enter to front office but not to back office. A message appeared when try to enter to back ofice saying: Internal server error, there is a problem with the server configuration. Contact to you server administrator etc etc(something like that).

All was fine, i couldnt understand what was the problem. I had my parameters.php file well configured, my dev mode on "True" and the set_errors "On" in the defines.inc.php file, the table of my DDBB ps_shop_url was well configured too etc. So what was the problem? THE HTACCESS file inside my admin folder.

I had the following lines commented, like I show here:

# RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f
# RewriteRule .? - [L]


So you must uncomment (delete the signs #) and it should work (in case you have all other configurations well). If still you can't acces to back office, give permissions 755 to admin folder and all its directories and files. I hope I can help someone 'cos i've been one week looking everywhere and noone told me about that concret .htaccess lines.

Stay good!

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