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(Workaround) Help on PS 1.7 CLDR configuration ?!

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Hi There,

My PS installation have TWO languages, Both uses USD (US Dollar) and HKD (Hongkong Dollar) as choice of currency.

However, the default setup use "$" ONLY for BOTH USD and HKD. Customers has confusion on the value with $100 (USD) VS $778 (HKD). I would like to add a label for them, e.g. US$100 and  HK$778.

(I have raised another thread on above here https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/1016921-how-to-add-currency-label-in-product-price/  but no clue.)

I read another thread here https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/996665-how-to-change-currency-symbol-solved/ and seems this is a right approach.

With the steps described there, I copied en.xml (from /localization/CLDR/core/common/main) and copied into en_HK.xml and en_US.xml AFTER changed label as follows:

            <currency type="USD">
                <displayName>US Dollar</displayName>
                <displayName count="one">US dollar</displayName>
                <displayName count="other">US dollars</displayName>
                <symbol>US$</symbol> (Also did the same thing for "  <currency type="HKD">"

Also, I changed "Download pack data" to NO and CLEARED Cache. 

However, NO change at all in the front office.

See anyone can help me, any official document about CLDR ?!

Whether en_HK.xml and en_US.xml are corrected filename ?!

MANY thanks  !!!!



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I tried to play with CLDR but never work. Just saw a post and said PS changed the CLDR in 1.7.6.x.

I gave up and I modified the `ps_currency_lang` content directly.

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