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Prestashop - Checkout carrier - redirect to Address

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i'm running presta and i work on module where on checkout (Carrier tab) open popup where customer can select delivery destination-address (for example - post office) - that work as i expected. 

- customer select delivery destination (address) we change delivery address over ajax call:

            $id_of_carrier = Context::getContext()->cart->id_carrier;
            $id_address_delivery = Context::getContext()->cart->id_address_delivery;
            $id_address_invoice = Context::getContext()->cart->id_address_invoice;
            $addressBilling = new Address($id_address_invoice);
            $address = new Address($id_address_delivery);

            $newaddress = new Address();
            $newaddress->id_customer = $address->id_customer;
            $newaddress->id_manufacturer = $address->id_manufacturer;
            $newaddress->id_supplier = $address->id_supplier;
            $newaddress->id_warehouse = $address->id_warehouse;
            $newaddress->id_country = $address->id_country;
            $newaddress->id_state = $address->id_state;
            $newaddress->country = $address->country;
            $newaddress->alias = $_POST['in'];
            $newaddress->company = $address->company;
            $newaddress->lastname =  $address->lastname;
            $newaddress->firstname =  $address->firstname;
            $newaddress->address1 = $_POST['it'];
            $newaddress->address2 = $_POST['ipn'];
            $newaddress->postcode = $_POST['ipi'];
            $newaddress->city = $_POST['ip'];
            $newaddress->phone = $address->phone;
            $newaddress->phone_mobile = $address->phone_mobile;
            $newaddress->vat_number = $address->vat_number;
            $newaddress->deleted = 0;
            $newaddress->force_id = true;
            $newaddress->other = $_POST['xx']. ":" .$_POST['xxx'];

            if ($newaddress->add() == true)
                //update cart
                $cart = Context::getContext()->cart;
                $cart->id_address_delivery = $newaddress->id;

                $delivery_option = $cart->getDeliveryOption();
                $delivery_option[(int)$newaddress->id] = $id_of_carrier.',';

- when proceed (click on continue button) to next step (billing information) presta make redirect to Address tab - that mean we go two steps back. I don't have idea why?

Can anyone help me how to prevent redirect to address tab after address is changed over code? Theme and checkout is default - no customizations.


Thank you!

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