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Hi, i try to install prestashop on my macbook.  How i can fix this problem?

prestashop v 1.7

php version 7.2


An error occurred during installation...

You can use the links on the left column to go back to the previous steps, or restart the installation process by clicking here.

1: Error when resetting module ps_facetedsearch. file_get_contents_curl failed to download http://prestashop.test/modules/ps_facetedsearch/ps_facetedsearch-price-indexer.php?token=6466cbe3f4&cursor=19&full=1 : (error code 6) Could not resolve: prestashop.test (Domain name not found)



[2020-03-09 11:01:38] app.INFO: Exporting mail with theme modern for language English GB (English) [] []
[2020-03-09 11:01:38] app.INFO: Core output folder: /Users/mirizulfugar/sites/prestashop/mails [] []
[2020-03-09 11:01:38] app.INFO: Modules output folder: /Users/mirizulfugar/sites/prestashop/modules/ [] []
[2020-03-09 11:01:49] app.INFO: Protect vendor folder in module blockreassurance [] []
[2020-03-09 11:01:49] app.INFO: Module blockreassurance has no vendor folder [] []
[2020-03-09 11:02:19] doctrine.DEBUG: SELECT p0_.id AS id_0, p0_.id_employee AS id_employee_1, p0_.id_module AS id_module_2, p0_.date_add AS date_add_3, p0_.date_upd AS date_upd_4 FROM ps_module_history p0_ WHERE p0_.id_employee = ? [1] []
[2020-03-09 11:02:19] doctrine.DEBUG: SELECT t0.id_tab AS id_tab_1, t0.id_parent AS id_parent_2, t0.position AS position_3, t0.module AS module_4, t0.class_name AS class_name_5, t0.active AS active_6, t0.hide_host_mode AS hide_host_mode_7, t0.icon AS icon_8 FROM ps_tab t0 WHERE t0.module = ? ["ps_facetedsearch"] []


My php extensions


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