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Need Help For My Prestashop Store


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Hello Friends

I need a help

Here are the few changes that I wish to make on my Prestashop Store ( Selling downloadable products online).

1.  I want to show the earned loyalty points on the top header of the website and at check out points. I wish my customer should know how much points are available with him or her .

2. How to limit purchase of product (say three products per specific category) per customer? I want my customer can checkout only three free product per week. Yes, all the free products will be categorize in one specific category called 'Free Designs'.

3. How to combine login of my Prestashop Store and SMF Forum?  I don't mind if registration will remain different.

4. I am looking for a modification or plugin that will change the category of the specific product at every 5 minutes. Actually, I am planning to launch a treasure hunt on my site. If my customer find the product then they will get it free.

5.How to add integrate custom Google Search box on my store?


I request to please suggest me the best option or share right direction to implement these changes on my site. My prestashop store is 'EmbroideryShristi'.

Thanks in advance.

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6 hours ago, Gerardo Martinez G said:

You should open a post for each question, they are too many in one.

For changing the category product every 5 minutes, it occurs to me that you should make a script to run with crontab and make a mysql query every 5 minutes, deleting the product and adding it to another ...


Thank you. I will give a try to it

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