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Chinese translation almost complete (3 errors) in theme Classic

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I am finishing doing the simplified Chinese translation of my jhmorales.com store, but there are 3 texts that I need to introduce and there is no way that Prestashop can accept them.

They are in :

Translations - Shop - Forms - Navigation: is the text Identity. No matter what I write, above stop saying that 1 expression is missing, I save it, click on Navigation again and it has disappeared, it has not been updated.

Translations - Shop - Theme - Catalog: is the text Showing% from% -% to% of% total% item (s) [the other text does not interest me]. The same as the previous. No matter what I write, I save it, then I click on Catalog again and it has not been updated.

Translations - Shop - Theme - Customeraccount: these are the two missing texts. No matter what I write, I save it, I click on Customeraccount again and it has not been updated.

I have tried it several days at different times, in other cases the same thing happened and in the end it accepted the changes, but there is no way with these 3 ones. With the second of the texts you can see what happens on a page of several products in the Image attached.


I need to fix these, any ideas? Thanks in advance.

página productos abajo.jpg

panel shop forms navigation.jpg

panel shop theme catalog.jpg

panel shop theme customeraccount.jpg

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