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vat number problems

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I would like to know how you solved this need which is common to all international stores about the application or exemption of vat taxes, in particular the application or not in EU for VIES registered companies.

Case 1. Country of the store. Apply VAT. OK.
Case 2. EU country. VIES valid. Do not apply VAT. Exempt from taxation.
Case 3. EU country. Invalid VIES. Apply VAT.
Case 4. Extra EU country. Do not apply VAT. Exempt from taxation.

The official vatnumber in the 3rd and 4th case locks in the validation if the check on the VIES is not valid.

In particular I discovered that if I register two addresses, one for the shipment and one for billing, if at least one is valid against the vies validation, the taxes are set to 0.
Which is a problem since I can specify a delivery address in a country and the billing in a different one.

Suggestions for third party modules for the latest version of Prestashop to solve the problem?

Does the calculation of taxes have anything to do with the user group?



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