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show_price on Category vs Product page


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I have multishop enabled with ONE default shop. I plan to add another one in the future, but I'm already developing an app to integrate PS with our business management software (update prices, stock etc. on PS). Shop cache is disabled, I'm using direct SQL queries to update PS values and settings. There will be times when I need to hide price of a product on one shop only.

PS has 2 DB tables - ps_product and ps_product_shop. Both have available_for_order and show_price columns.

I tried to update these columns on ps_product_shop table, but there seems to be some inconsistency between the tables and template files.

I'm using PS with classic theme.


It seems like category page /templates/catalog/listing/product-list.tpl gets $product.show_price from ps_product table and product page /templates/catalog/product.tpl uses ps_product_shop table.


When I manually change ps_product_shop.show_price value to 0, the price hides on product page and quickview, but is still visible on listing.

But when ps_product_shop.show_price = 1 and I change ps_product.show_price to 0, then it's the opposite - price visible on product page and quickview, but hidden on the listing.

If I had only one shop, it would be easy, just set both tables to 0 and done, but there will be two shops and I need to implement it now.


How can I hide the price in one shop on all its' pages?

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