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(1/1) ContextErrorException

Warning: putenv() has been disabled for security reasons

in Kernel.php line 122

at Kernel->boot()in Kernel.php line 195

at Kernel->handle(object(Request), 1, false)in index.php line 86

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Property PrestapayTransaction->trans_amount is not valid
at line 1003 in file classes/ObjectModel.php

998. } 999. 1000. $message = $this->validateField($field, $this->$field); 1001. if ($message !== true) { 1002. if ($die) { 1003. throw new PrestaShopException($message); 1004. } 1005. 1006. return $error_return ? $message : false; 1007. } 1008. }

ObjectModelCore->validateFields - [line 292 - classes/ObjectModel.php]

ObjectModelCore->getFields - [line 559 - classes/ObjectModel.php]

ObjectModelCore->add - [line 516 - classes/ObjectModel.php] - [2 Arguments]

ObjectModelCore->save - [line 0 - modules/psf_prestapay/classes/PrestapayModule.php]

PrestapayModule->addTransaction - [line 0 - modules/psf_prestapay/controllers/front/payment.php] - [1 Arguments]

psf_prestapayPaymentModuleFrontController->postProcess - [line 281 - classes/controller/Controller.php]

ControllerCore->run - [line 0 - modules/psf_prestapay/controllers/front/payment.php]

psf_prestapayPaymentModuleFrontController->run - [line 515 - classes/Dispatcher.php]

DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 28 - index.php]

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1.7 or 1.6? 

Do you have access to host?  Is this a live system?

If 1.7.6.x and not a live system:

Stop apache/server and sql - clear all cache, everything, delete the var/cache and /cache dir, browser cache etc. - regenerate .htaccess file.

restart server/sql

try going to dashboard.


PS. best to make backups, just in case, mind you, looks like it can't get worse.

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On 2/12/2020 at 5:48 PM, aliking said:

help plz

Just log in to FTP and in the file

comment line 122 
//putenv ('SHELL_VERBOSITY = 3'); 

Now you can use debug mode and get acces to BO without problems

I hope you find it helpful

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