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$product.allow_oosp always returns 0 on Product List

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I'm trying to setup a custom message both in my product page and product list page for product backorders, but I'm having a bit of an issue. In the product page it works as intended. Shows In Stock when theres stock for the combination selected, returns Backorder message when $product.quantity =< 0 and $product.allow_oosp is set, and shows an Out of Stock message when There are no units left and $product.allow_oosp is not set. Search results and various modules (like featured products) work like they're supposed to, returning the original $category.allow_oosp value.

However in my product list (Category page) It returns In stock when $product.quantity_all_versions > 0 (as intended) and it ALWAYS defaults to out of stock when quantity for all combinations is 0 or lower, and what's more interesting, {$category.allow_oosp} value is ALWAYS 0.

Is it possible the loop isn't returning that variable at all on product list?

{if $product.quantity_all_versions > 0}
	<span class="stocklabel">{l s='In stock' d='Shop.Theme.Product'}</span>
	{if $product.allow_oosp}
		<span class="stocklabel backorder">{$product.available_later}</span>
		<span class="stocklabel oos">{l s='Not available' d='Shop.Theme.Product'}</span>

All help is appreciated. I'm quite a newb, as you may notice ­čśĽ┬á

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