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Indonesian translations


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Hi azureice,


As we prepare the next release of PrestaShop, we are trying to integrate as many translations as possible into the default solution.


If you or anyone else has a Bahasa Indonesian translation ready to share, please post it as soon as possible, we would love to include it!


Thank you in advance. :)

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@ Peter Wilson

thank for replying but I am very lazy and still need more time hopefully I can finishing it ASAP or before ver.1.0 release, BTW how can I submit my translations?



Belum kelar tuh butuh waktu 10 ato 20 tahun lagi... kecuali kalo ada yang bantuin gw

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Hi azureice,


When you're done with your translations, in the Back Office >> Tools >> Translations, scroll down to the "Export a language" tool.  Simply select "Bahasa Indonesian" from the drop-down list, the theme in which it can be found, then click Export.


Please note that there is currently a bug with importing languages: http://www.prestashop.com/forum/index.php/topic,1186.0.html

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terjemahan baru aja dimulai dan gw langsung terjemahin yg versi RC 1.0

gw bakalan terjemahin yg bagian front office duluan, kalau mau bantuin langsung aja terjemahin bagian yg lain

btw udah pada tau semua kan cara terjemahinnya...

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