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moving from test server

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I'm developing a shop for a customer and have it working as a subdirectory on my site (ie mysite.com/theirshop). This is great and all works fine. Now I need to move it to their domain, which is also part of my shared hosting.

How is best to do this? I've copied all of the files from the directory on my domain to my local machine and am currently uploading them to the new domain however I have this feeling thats not going to work, starting to think the prestashop install may create links etc that won't update or directories in the root of the original server that won't be coming across.

I cant take an actual backup of the shop through cpanel as that only take the full directory structure of mysite.com.

Starting to wonder if I just reinstall prestashop from scratch on the new domain, then copy across the theme, reinstall required modules etc (only used free ones so far). The database of products contained test products so no loss there, I'd just need to copy across the users, categories etc.

Am I missing something? Do people feel the simple movement of the whole directory will do it? Its about 20% through copying now.

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Export the test database and import it on the new space. Zip the site up using the file manager, then you can use wget on the other site from the terminal to grab it. Unzip it, change the database connection to the new one. Go to the new database and change the ps_shop_url site's url to the new domain. This assumes that the live site's domain is already configured for the hosting.
That's it, if you have any hardcoded links you have to change those manually of course

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Just to update I found it easier to load a fresh install, add in my theme and load up modules, set up categories etc. Took about an hour or so but all is good now.

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