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I need help with the following translations here in photo. I don't know how to translate this section that is in footer. I couldn't also translate the content (the links) of this section. My website is emia.shop. I tried to translate the pages in database. I have translated the pages in the table ps_cms_lang (see second photo) but nothing changes in website. Here the content is still in english (https://emia.shop/content/1-delivery and https://emia.shop/content/2-legal-notice). Can you help me please ?



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As you can see here the URL and Title is in English.

If I want to change that to another language and I typ in what I want to translate it to, it does not change on my site, it is still in English. Why is that?

bild.png.3f2cf67f9d0daa9342f1e96057fffa3c.png     bild.png.c178b85b51a2e0b4837fa3142102305d.png

I have changed it to Swedish in this case, in my list everything is in Swedish but still it is in English on the site. Why?



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