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Hello, I want to activate my Facebook pixel so I need to add Facebook pixel code in header.tpl file above <head> but when I edit /themes/simplio/templates/_psrtials/header.tpl (thats where I can find my header.tpl file for my theme) I can't find <head> to paste the code above it.

Is this the right header.tpl files or do I need to find another one?



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17 hours ago, LeSchtroumpf said:

Hello, There is no head in header.tpl file. You have to had your pixel on top of the file between this : 

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->

 <!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->


Hello again, so should I just paste the pixel in the beginning of the file?




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Problem solved itself. Some part product is imported but very slow. and is other problem 

Missing or Incorrect Data
This error may still be visible up to 30 minutes after re-uploading your inventory
This item cannot be used for an in-store store because the following data is missing or has the wrong format: name, image, description, price, site link, item availability and status. Resend this item to the catalog with all required data.


I don't have fill number Indeks so maby this is problem

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