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help me with this idea


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I need a module or core file changes to do the following:

My products are unique and numbered, so all are differents. I need when the customer receive his product with his own number, come to the web and complete an info form about that product, this info will be showed on the web but only introducing the code of this product.

Any idea?


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Sorry for my bad explanation, I´ll try it again.
I´m going to sell a product (software) so the product is the same but each one will have an special code (I´m thinking of using the reference or EAN13 to give every product a different code). So when the customer receive or download the product he will have an unique code, with that code I want them to complete a form on my web, information that I want to manage on the backoffice and let them to modify.

So it is like this:

1. Customer buy a software
2. receives a code with it
3. enter that code on the web
4. The web confirm that this code Or reference product exists.
5. Customer complete and submit the form (stored on the database and accessible from back and front office)
I want to have a search box where customer introduce the code and appear the info.

I know is a complicate thing, so if you can help me or do it let me know. Thanks a lot.
If anyone can do it let me know how much could it be (it will be for my first business so I dont have to much money lol)


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Thanks for get involved! I do aprecciate it. I know what I want is hard to explain.

I need exactly this, my "software" is going to be sold on shops, so it will have a reference (code) on the box.
Customer introduces code on a search box, if this code exists he complete the form (it´ll have a password in case to modify future information).

well, to simplify it.

I need a search box on the home page that look for only the reference.

1.- Reference NO exists-->Web displays "That reference doesn´t exist"
2.- Reference exists and is not activated-->Form to complete and put a password.
3.- Reference exists ans is activated--> Show information. and login to modify the info.

Hope I explain myself. Thanks a lot angora.

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