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Access configuration object trough dependencies for cli commands


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I'm trying to write a command in PrestaShop 1.7.5 which should use some data from the configuration object.

I created a services.yml which registers my command, this works fine. After that I defined some arguments which should be passed to my command, this works to. But when I try to access a configuration value, the result is always null.

The arguments I use are:

$configuration: '@=service("prestashop.adapter.legacy.configuration")'
$connection: '@doctrine.dbal.default_connection'
$dbPrefix: '%database_prefix%'
$context: '@=service("prestashop.adapter.legacy.context").getContext()'

My command receives those arguments. But when I call $configuration->get('VARIABLE') it is null, even when it is set in the database and the old \Configuration object returns the right value.

Am I missing something or should I use another configuration dependency. I tried different once, but probably not the right one.


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