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Default Label "There are not enough products in stock" not show translated one from Product Settings


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I have the version installed with two differents languages. I've modified the default label for "Out of Stock" in english, and "En Rupture" for French. We can clearly see that the label is set into product settings:


In Github, they have a fix for the Product which i already applied.

I clear cache, clear browser cache, delete \var\cache\dev and \prod folders.

Message are still shown has default one.



Maybe i can translate the label from the ProductLazyArray.php for the english part, but what about the French label? 

Anybody can help me with that issue?

PS with French Canada "qc" + English Canada "en" languages.




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I download a Fresh installation of files and copy the line 788 of \src\Adapter\Presenter\Product\ProductLazyArray.php, replace the line 766 into the version of 1.7..5.1 currently in my store (same file).


} elseif ($product['quantity'] - $product['quantity_wanted'] < 0) {


} elseif ($product['quantity_wanted'] > 0 && $product['quantity'] > 0) {

It's working now with the label entered into "Product Settings".

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