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Backend Phone Orders

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Is there a module out there that allows a shop owners to process orders by phone.

So the client calls...the owners logs in the backend, selects a product, add their name and processes the payment?

Ive seen modules where the customer goes through the checkout process then gets an option to phone and complete the transaction but that's not what we're after.

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with the update you can no longer charge your customers card manually.

Is there something I am missing? Manual order creation is still there, but there is no way to charge your customers card with out sending them an invoice via email.

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3 hours ago, Brighteyes said:

I missed it too for a while!

On the order page you just need to click 'go to payment page to process the order' where you can checkout and enter card details

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 11.45.53.jpg

Correct. That link no longer works as of the last time it worked for me was


Now it takes you to a password optional page that you can not get past with or without a password.

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