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Little Help with setting up promotion block


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I am really sorry if I started this thread in a wrong section.

I am pretty new to prestashop and I am not a developer I am just trying to update my shop.

I have couple questions that I think are pretty easy but are not clear for me. I am using Presta version 1.7.5. I have my presta dashboard in PL language so sorry if I will translate wrong modules names.


I have this module "promotion block" and I have it hooked on my front page left column:



This module is showing all products with "special" price. I can choose how many products should it show. I have a question. Is there any way to choose only one specific product to be displayed here?

I would also like to have this exact same modul on this same left column under the first modul. I want one for daily deal and one for weekly deal. I have module "time countdown for the product" that I would use together with "promotion block". Question is how to put it there? I can edit tpl and css to some degree. I would also like to ask how to change a name dispaleyd on the top so one would be "Daily Deal" and one would be "Weekly Deal".

I know that "Countdown time for the product" have a hook  {hook h='PSProductCountdown' id_product='X'} but I don't really know how to insert it in easy way on the front page under that promotion block.

I would need to change it on weekly or daily basis.

I was trying by custom HTML module but I think you can't put that code there.

I am little green with it but I think I will manage with detailed instruction. I would really appreciate any help.


Kind Regards


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