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[{shop_url}] in mail.php not auto updated issue


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Hey Guys, 

I just moved a Prestshop site from one domain to other. All links are updated and operating normal. Except the link in the mail that we sent out to customer like "reset password", the url there is not update. 

I have checked and ensure all the site links in the follow fileds are correct: 

1. SEO & link, Shop domain, SSL domain; 
2. Check ps_shop_url
3. Check .htaccess, has no old site link
4. Search entire database, has no old site link
5. Even search the entire prestashop folder for the link keyword, nothing
6. Clear app/cache/prod fold; clear cache from the backend; manually clear /cache folder. 

I trace the password reset source file, and found the url is link to "[{shop_url}]". Then I trace back to the class/Mail.php, where the the "Shop_url", where it seem to be defined, 

 $templateVars['{shop_url}'] = Context::getContext()->link->getPageLink('index', true, $templateLangId, null, false, $idShop);

Try to change the value to new link, nothing happen. 

I also notify the same "Shop_url" is defined in Tools.php, shop/ShopUrl.php, shop/Shop.php. Review the code, it seems all normal to me. 

Any idea how to approach the issue? Much appreciate if there is any idea. 

Prestashop Version: 1.7.3. 


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