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ContactController.php and save in database new fields added in 1.7


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I am modifying the original contact form -adding new fields- (PS and am looking in particular for the added fields to appear in the database (so that they appear in the customer thread section where messages received are centralized). Using the different tutorials, which date from old versions, I easily add the field to the email which is sent to the admin with the new field, but I get stuck on the addition in the database and therefore in the back office, in the thread.

The tutorials about old versions refer to ContactController.php which would be located in the controllers/front/ folder but it seems that in 1.7 this controller has disappeared or at least its content positioned in another file.

I noticed that there is an AdminCustomerThreadsController.php in controllers/admin which could correspond but I cannot find the section relating to the addition in database of the new fields of the contact form.

I also tried to look at the contactform.php side in modules/contactform without more success.


My question is as follows: Do you know how to add the new fields of the contact form in database and bring them up in the customer threads section?

Thank you for your help !


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 i trying same but in v i add fields in the front form view and insert in database , but i cant do it in back , i cant show fields in edit customer... i find and override AdminCustomerThreadsController.ph but not work 

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