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How to convert (set your own value) value to display using fieldList and renderForm.

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Hi prestashopers.

I write a module in which I save information in a complex form - serialized. The display of such information is illegible and unedited, which is why I want to display the input form.

I just wanted to insert a value:

public function renderForm()


             $ unserializedArray = unserialize (AdParameters :: getParametersValue (Tools :: getValue ('id_ad_parameters')));
             $ Result = '';
                 foreach ($ unserializedArray as $ key => $ row) {
                     foreach ($ row as $ element) {
                         $ Result. = '['. $ Element. ']';
                     if (isset ($ unserializedArray [$ key + 1]))
                         $ MyValue. = "\ R \ n";
             $ helper-> fields_value ['parameters_value'] = $ MyValue;



return parent::renderForm();



AdParameters :: getParametersValue() is function quering DB

When I list MyValue everythink is ok but in my list is not ok.

However, it does not change the value.

I need to replace it in the table and when editing in the form.

Can anyone help me with this? Please.


if you need a broader explanation, let me know, I'll send them.

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