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How to disable inventory reduction?

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Hi. I was forced to turn on basic stock management so that the PS system would display "out of stock" and "in stock" icons. Now I was wondering if there is a way to prevent the system from deducting inventory quantities after a sale?

For example, right now, if I have a product quantity of 10 and a customer orders 1, the stock then is 9. And so forth until it reaches 0 and is "out of stock".

My store does not have an inventory. All sales get passed on to a fufillment service, so I would like to DISABLE the -1 that happens after a sale.

Right now my work-around is to set quantity for every product to a high number like 9999 which will take a long time to sell out. Then if my fulfillment centre says they ran out of a particular product, I will manually set it to 0 so that it says "Out of Stock".

Does this make sense? Does anyone have alternative strategies to share, when using a third party fulfillment service? Is there a setting in PS somewhere that I did not see that will control whether sales deduct stock quantities automatically or not?

Thank you!


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There is an option under preferences, products to disable using stock

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