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Frontoffice direct link to product which sets the quantity of the product


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Hi there,

is there a way to create a link which sets the quantity of the product to something >1 ?

The idea is this, putting it as an example, hope it generates some clarity about what I want to achieve. Misunderstanding is so easy so I try my best.

I set a custom image on my frontoffice, which shows 3 items of the same type. This image receives a link. This link shall take the customer to the article detail page, AND set the quantity to 3 at the same time. This way, the customer will see the same number of items (as quantity) as they have previously seen on the image.

I know that there is the concept of "sets of products" in prestashop, allowing a set to contain several products. Downside to this: You actually have to maintain every set individually, with images and text and price etc. - so you change something on the base product, you will go through all "sets". Given that I would only like to use sets which consist of muliples of the same product, and I already have the product page configured with discounts per quantity, it would be easier to just help the customer set the quantity with a minimum number of clicks.

Currently I just make the discount schedule transparent to customers, and let them play with quantity. My request aims towards ease of use, and the option to create more fancy pictures for customers to click on, without having to create lots of sets (been there, discarded it.)

So back to the question - is there a simple way of creating a link which carries the quantity of the item?


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This needs custom coding like javascript/php. We can take the quantity required from the link and set the quantity on the product page directly. Also, we can disable the customer to decrease the quantity form the preset level as long as the customer is coming to the page from the link you have provided. 

However, there is a downside to this. The customer can increase/decrease the quantity in cart. There is also a solution to this, but a solution to prevent changing the quantity in the cart affects other products, too. 

Please get in touch with me  (PM) if you need additional detail. 

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