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Official Stripe Module: How to change $capture_method & add text to checkout page?

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I have played around with the official Stripe module for days now, but it is pretty much impossible for us to use it in its current state because we need the following two changes:

  1. "capture_method" = "manual" instead of "capture_method" = "automatic" (since we want to manually capture card payments from the Dashboard on the Strip website after reviewing orders)
  2. Adding a (bilingual) text to the module's box above the entry fields for the payment details on the checkout page (as we need to provide some explanations and instructions)

I have searched through the module's code but I am unable to understand how the curl API string is generated to make an injection of "capture_method" = "manual". The functionality for manual capture (so that payments are only authorized on order placement) is not implemented in this module at all, but I'm OK with just hard-coding the capture method if I only could find out how to do it.

The other thing is with adding some text to the module's appearance on the checkout page. I have not fiddled around with this yet since I do not really have any experience with manually changing front end templates. Looks like it should be done in views/templates/front/payment_form_card.tpl but I'm not sure how.

I have already tried to contact the module maintainer but have not received feedback yet.

I don't want to go for a paid module, not only because I'm in the opinion that a module for a PSP should be free of charge, but because this is only supposed to be a temporary solution for replacing PayPal in our old Prestashop 1.6 installation as we have the intention to move to Magento (as we need a working pack of products functionality in the core and not as a wonky paid 3rd party module).

If anyone has any hints for me, please let me know.

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Hi- I also need this and have posted about it on Prestashop Addons - received the following from the developer:

Hi, we are working on this option and should be implemented by January


Francesco - 202 ecommerce


Best thing to do is post a question about the Stripe Official Module on Addons - they answer there :)


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