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looking for variable name of feature value


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Hi prestas,

as it's really hard (or I'm too dump???) to find a full documentation of varibles etc for P.S. 1.7.x.x, I aski this here. I'm looking for the id of a pruduct's feature value. Not the ID of the feature, but of the choosen value. I found something like $feature.id_feature_value, but this doesn't return nothing. $feature.id_feature works, but as I said, I need the values ID

Thanks a lot and cheers, Phil

P.S. If someone got's a list of variables, would be really hepful and avoid bothering the forum for small pence like this ūüėČ

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That's the way I thought it should wor (and found snippets like this on various site)

{foreach from=$product.features item=feature}
{$feature.name} ==> works
{$feature.value} ==> works
{$feature.id_feature} ==> works
{$feature.id_feature_value} ==> returns nothing...

Hope it explains better what I try to get.... Thinks, I'm pretty just thinking in a wrong way and got stuck in a timetunnel ūüėČ

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