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Problem with custom field in category


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I have a problem adding a custom field in the category - Prestashop 1.7.6


I do override for override/classes/Category.php

class Category extends CategoryCore {

	public $headingh1;

	public function __construct($idCategory = null, $idLang = null, $idShop = null)
	    $definition = self::$definition;

	    $definition['fields']['headingh1'] = array(
	        'type' => self::TYPE_HTML,
	        'lang' => true,
	        'validate' => 'isCleanHtml'
	    parent::__construct($idCategory, $idLang, $idShop);



Then I do override for override/controllers/admin/AdminCategoriesController.php

class AdminCategoriesController extends AdminCategoriesControllerCore
    public function renderForm()
        $this->fields_form_override = array(
                'type' => 'textarea',
                'label' => $this->trans('Nagłówek H1', array(), 'Admin.Global'),
                'name' => 'headingh1',
                'autoload_rte' => true,
                'lang' => true,
                'hint' => $this->trans('Invalid characters:', array(), 'Admin.Notifications.Info').' <>;=#{}'
        return parent::renderForm();

In the database for the table ps_category_lang I added

ALTER TABLE ps_category_lang ADD headingh1 varchar(255);

I cleared the cache - the field cannot be seen in categories ..

What's next?

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