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Faceted search BRAND filter doesn't work: prestashop 1.7

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Hi guys,

I am trying to fix some strange behaviour in my online website.

(I say strange because this bug is not coming up ni my local dev website)

I have one feature called: Categories

Under this one, I have the default filter Brand


When I click in one of my Categories options check box, under this, I can see ALL brand options, even if there is no products for this brand options...


So If I check, the wbesite throw 0 results.

I make it with one example:

Categories (faceted search feature)

category1 (100 products)

category2(50 products)

category3(50 prodcuts)

Brand (faceted search default filter)

brand1(200 products) => not anyone inside category1 nor category2

brand2(20 products) => not anyone inside category2 nor category2


If I check category1, brand1 or brand2 mustn't be there! and they are.

In localhost, it works like a charm... I can't get the bug, I check and everything is the some in both sites.


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On 12/12/2019 at 3:49 AM, Presta_lover said:


To be clearer, the problem is brand filter is harder than my own feature filter categories. 

Actually, if I filter by Brand, works perfect.


Hi! Did you resolve this point? I have a similar issue... Thanks!

Best regards,


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