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Categories and products are not added as translations of existent categories and products but as new


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Hello everyone,

I use PrestaShop and I have added my shop categories (in german) and some products (in german). I sell in my shop in 2 languages: German and Albanian. Now I want to add category translations and product translations. When I try to import the CSV file in albanian language choosen, the categories but also products are added as new. 

For categories, I use the Category ID of german CSV file as Category ID for the albanian CSV file. I think this way I map the categories and tell Presta that I am trying to import translations and not new categories. Here I attach also the 2 CSV files for category import in 2 languages (german and albanian).

For the product, I use Product ID and Reference ID of the product in german language, in my CSV file (albanian) for the product that I want to translate.  Here I attach you the CSV file with the product in albanian language and also the screenshoot of german product that is in my Store so you see the the product ID and reference ID. The translated product in albanian language is added as new with ID 32, even if I set ID 19 in CSV file.

Where can the problem be that the categories and products are added as new ? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help!

P.S My online store is emia.shop




categories_import_Albanian.csv categories_import_German.csv products_import (1).csv

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