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C# PrestaSharp not updating Quantities


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We're using this current code to add quantities to a product when it is created. It creates the product in the backend OK but does not appear.

If you manually type the id of the product in the URL and update the quantity manually - it then shows.


var stockAvailableFactory = new StockAvailableFactory(baseUrl, accountKey, string.Empty);
                    new Bukimedia.PrestaSharp.Entities.stock_available
                        id = product.associations.stock_availables[0]
                        id_product = product.id,
                        id_product_attribute = 0,
                        id_shop = shopId,
                        id_shop_group = 0,
                        quantity = 1,
                        depends_on_stock = 0,
                        out_of_stock = 1,

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