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Category pages only show products with this MAIN category

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Im having troubles listing category products in PS It has a different behaviour as PS 1.6

My category three is really simple

  -- Main
    ---- Subcat.

I only place products in the subcategories, never in the main category. And I have some products with 3-4 subcategories associated

Well, if I enter in any category page:

It just show the products with this category as Main category. But not the other products associated to this category, but with another Main category

If I enable the "Show products of subcategory" option in Faceted module, It works "fine", the category pages shows all products (with main and secondary categorys)

The bad thing is that I dont want to enable this option. I dont want to show products if a category has subcategories.

Am I loosing something? or is a bug?


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This is the expected behavior actually, it always worked like this. Categories do not show products from subcategories unless the option is checked.
Or maybe I didn't get what the actual problem is, what do you mean by other main category?

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Hello Nemo

I'll try to explain it better. I've this category three:

OutFit (main Category)
   -- Run (subcategory)
   -- Bikes (subcategory)
   -- Mountain (subcategory)

Accesories (main Category)
   -- Spare Parts (subcategory)
   -- Edibles (subcategory)
   -- ....

I've a product with Default category => Bikes
But it's also associated to another category => Spare Parts

Then if I go Bikes, this product will appear in the list.
But if i go Spare Parts it doesnt appear

This should not be the normal behaviour..




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Indeed, it isn't, are you using other product related modules?

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