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Goede morgen iedereen,
sinds de update naar heb ik in een appagebuilder de volgende fout zitten:

Notice: Undefined index: identifier

Deze word weergegevens in de cache tpl als:

$_smarty_tpl->_assignInScope('identifier_bk', $_smarty_tpl->tpl_vars['identifier']->value ,false ,2);

Nu kom ik in de module maar 1 keer $helper->identifier = $this->identifier; tegen.

$helper = new HelperForm();
        $helper->show_toolbar = false;
        $helper->table = $this->table;
        $lang = new Language((int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT'));
        $helper->default_form_language = $lang->id;
        $helper->allow_employee_form_lang = Configuration::get('PS_BO_ALLOW_EMPLOYEE_FORM_LANG') ?
                Configuration::get('PS_BO_ALLOW_EMPLOYEE_FORM_LANG') : 0;
        $helper->identifier = $this->identifier;
        $helper->submit_action = 'submitApPageBuilder';
        $helper->currentIndex = $this->context->link->getAdminLink('AdminModules', false)
        $helper->token = Tools::getAdminTokenLite('AdminModules');
        $helper->tpl_vars = array(
            'fields_value' => $data,
            'languages' => $this->context->controller->getLanguages(),
            'id_language' => $this->context->language->id
        return $helper->generateForm(array($fields_form, $fields_form1));


Hoe kan het dat deze niet is gedefinieerd na de update??

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