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Module to manage all aspects of delivery: costs per zone, addition of favorable areas, price ranges, weight / volume management

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I'm looking for a complete module who manage all zone for delivery the order:

  • that can handle the complicated areas (where the courier applies surcharges) to the islands (usually they cost more)
  • That allows me to manage postal codes, change the order and more.
  • Which allows me to create price ranges (similar the default ones from Prestashop)
  • Most important that manage weight/volume

In short, full control of the entire shipping procedure, costs and more

Thanks for any reply,

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The ‘Ship in 3D’ shipping module uses a 3D packing algorithm to estimates the total number and volume of packages required to ship the products.

Shipping method availability

The availability of each shipping method can be configured using a combination of the following settings:

  • Language, country, state and postal code of the customer
  • Dimensions, weights, brands, default suppliers and minimum stock quantities of the products
  • Presence of fragile or dangerous products
  • Maximum weight of each self-containing product
  • Minimum and maximum total shipping weight
  • Maximum package count
  • Minimum and maximum order subtotal
  • Maximum shipping price of the shipping method itself

All PrestaShop's original availability settings for shipping methods, such as customer groups and product availability, are also available. Allowed destinations can be configured independently from PrestaShop's shipping zones.

Shipping method pricing

The price of each shipping method can be configured using a combination of the following settings:

  • Package count and types
  • Number of self-containing products
  • Number of packages containing fragile or dangerous products
  • Total shipping weight
  • Tiered pricing by shipping weight ranges
  • Total volume
  • Fixed price per order
  • Proportion of order subtotal

All PrestaShop's original price settings for shipping methods, such as product specific shipping fee and cart rules for free shipping, are also available.

Maybe this module could fit your needs? Please take a closer look here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-carriers/48685-ship-in-3d.html

(My apologies for answering so late to your question. The module has been released for the first time just a couple of days ago.)

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