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How to edit the phone number located in the header on my site (top right)


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Hello everyone,

Site's on Prestashop

Screenshot of the item to update on the site 


Also here's the site in case inspecting the page can help you determine where the phone number needs to be updated in the back end https://easternbatteries.com.au/

I'm not familiar with prestashop and don't know if It needs to be updated in the options or directly in the theme. I've read on this forum some people saying to go to /theme/YOUR_THEME/modules/blockcontact/blockcontact.tpl to udpate it, other people says to go to /YOUR-THEME/modules/blockcontact/nav.tpl

Can someone where exactly I can find the above themes on presta (if that's where I need to go to update that phone number indeed)


Any help would be greatly appreciated 




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3 minutes ago, selectshop.at said:

Access the file via FTP and edit it with editor like notepad. If you are using cPanel, you can edit file from cPanel dashboard.

Thanks for your reply.

So if I understand correctly I need the site's Cpanel logins and an FTP program like filezilla, when I access the site via FTP I navigate to \themes\yourtheme\modules\blockcontact and there I will find the blockcontact.tpl or nav.tpl files that I can open and edit with editor.

Is that the correct process?


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Ok I see, thanks for the clarification.

I'm trying to get FTP access (I'm helping someone to update his site but he's not really familiar with all of these terms) 

He apparently gave me the wrong password as I get this when I tried to connect to the site via FTP

Response:    331 User [email protected] OK. Password required
Command:    PASS **********
Response:    530 Login authentication failed
Error:    Critical error: Could not connect to server

I'll have to wait on him to provide the right credentials


Thanks for your help

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BTW for to change the phone number of the contact bar on top of site you need to change the contact of the site on the back office of your page. This applies only for native theme. If you are using other theme, possibly that it is hard coded. For default theme you don't need to make changes on any file.

Simply change the contact details of your shop on tab:

PS 1.6. Tab Modules -> search there for the module block contact -> configure -> and change the phone no. there.

After changing this, clear smarty cache and browser cache.


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